Artist Joni Dennis, describes painting as addictive and exhilarating. While having painted and drawn her whole life, Joni has spent the past 10 years evolving her style to what it has now become.

Joni’s main objective through her work is to evoke an emotional reaction in each person when they enter the space. She has had the opportunity to do this through her many and varied commissioned artworks. Joni likes to shape the feeling of a room with her large format artworks; using colour and texture to alter the personality of an interior and create an experience for the viewer.
Joni is based in Melbourne but has travelled far and wide to immerse herself in the art world; learning from eccentric gallery owners and collectors, growing in her practice by observing the contemporary greats, and making many friends in the art-world along the way.

Joni’s upcoming series – Reverence – is a collection of seven decorative, playful female portraits who each represent a balance of strength, power and beauty. She has challenged herself to create a body of work that is unique; without elements that can be related back to another artist or artwork.